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Your next party is about to get super cringey with Cringeworthy — the adult party game that puts you and your friends in horrible, hilarious, NOT-suitable-for-easily-offended-ears situations. In each round, the Cringemaster reads a Situation card that sets up an open-ended scenario. Each player then chooses a Cringe card to play and reads it out loud to the group. Yes, you have to read it yourself. Got an “[Insert Name]” Cringe card? Say the name of any player other than the Cringemaster to amp up the awkwardness. Whoever makes the Cringemaster feel the most uncomfortable wins the round. Hot tip: Any card can be a winner if you sell it hard enough. Hate losing? Play an “And then …” Cringe card plus another Cringe card from your hand to block the win. So grab your morally compromised friends and get your next game night started!

GAME FOR ADULTS ONLY: Get ready to cringe. Hard. Cringeworthy is the adult party game of painfully hilarious, unbelievably awkward situations. And it’s definitely NSFW
SITUATION CARDS: To play, the Cringemaster reads a Situation card aloud, setting up a scenario such as “I bend over and …”
CRINGE CARDS: “A drone swoops down and swiftly depantses you.” Choose the funniest Cringe card from your hand to complete the scenario for the Cringemaster
SELL IT TO WIN: Don’t be shy reading Cringe cards out loud. The better you sell it, the more likely you are to win. Go ahead, make everyone feel uncomfortable … just like Darryl in Accounting does
A CRINGEY TWIST: If you have an “[Insert Name]” Cringe card, insert the name of someone you’re playing with to make the situation, and group, even MORE uncomfortable

• Includes 100 Situation cards and 300 Cringe cards.
• Ages 17 and up
• For 3 or more players.