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Aim of the Game – To be the first player to get rid of all your cards. PLAY-DOH card game helps little ones with their matching skills and stretches their imagination and playfulness. Play the PLAY-DOH card game with your kids until they get the hang of it. There’s no end to a childs creativity, so once they know how to play, they can have hours of fun, with you or with each other. How to Play – Choose one of your cards that matches something about the card in the middle, maybe they are both animals, things you can eat or both have wheels. Put the card you chose on top of the card on the table and shout out why it matches. You could make up a story “the lion is the king of the Jungle so he wears a crown” or “Everyone knows that lions love hamburgers” then it is upto the group if they will allow that answer. The free Shuffle app adds double the fun – let the Doh Doh characters inspire you by starting the story. Gameplay lasts approximately 15 minutes, is suitable for 2-6 players ages 4+