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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Australia’s wildlife with our Australia-themed Waddingtons No. 1 playing cards, adding a touch of Down Under to your game nights. As you gather around the table, you’ll find the swift and graceful Emu adorning the Jack, the majestic Kangaroo reigning as Queen, and the loveable Koala taking its place as King. But these cards are more than just a game; they offer an engaging gateway to discovering Australia’s remarkable fauna.

As you hold the cards, you’ll find a captivating selection of native creatures on the Ace – from the elusive Bilby to the cunning Dingo, the regal Cassowary to the mesmerising Frilled-neck Lizard, and the irresistibly charming Quokka. Each card embodies the spirit of these remarkable animals, bringing the essence of the Australian wilderness to your fingertips. And don’t overlook the mischievous laughing Kookaburra that graces the Joker cards, capturing the joy and companionship that fills game nights with friends and family.

Whether you’re a devoted card player, a wildlife enthusiast, or simply in search of culturally rich collectibles, our Australia-themed Waddingtons playing cards stand as an ideal choice. So, shuffle the deck, deal a hand, and embark on a journey through Australia’s awe-inspiring fauna, all within the cosy confines of your own home.

Product Features:

  • Australia fans can now play with this brand new bespoke Waddingtons Number 1 pack
  • Play your favourite card games with your favourite animals including the Emu, Kangaroo and Koala
  • 52 high-quality playing cards, plus 2 Kookaburra jokers
  • Hours of entertainment as you master much-loved card games from Poker to Bridge and Snap to Rummy