How to play Dixit Disney Edition

Celebrating the latest release to the Dixit board game franchise, Dixit Disney edition, we thought we’d explain the mechanics of the beautiful game which features dream-like artwork from popular Disney movies, both new and old! Here’s how to play Dixit Disney Edition!

How many players can play Dixit Disney Edition?

Dixit Disney edition is a 3-6 player game.

The age recommendation for Dixit Disney Edition?

Dixit Disney is a family game that can be enjoyed by both young and old!

How do you play Dixit Disney Edition?

After setting up the board, each player is dealt a deck of cards face down.  Each round consists of one player becoming the ‘storyteller’ and everyone else will be players.

The storyteller then selects one card from their deck that inspires them and places it faced down again in front of them. Choosing one clue, the storyteller announces it aloud to the other players.

Clues can be anything, from a single word or phrase.

Tip: The aim is to choose a goal that is not too vague OR too obvious. The reason why is explained in the point system. 

Each other player then chooses a single card from their own hand they believe best matches the clue and then plays it face down in front of them.

The storyteller gathers all the cards, shuffles them, and places them face up ready for voting.

fDixit Disney Edition cards

Stunning artworks of new and older Disney movies serves as inspiration in Dixit Disney Edition

How do you score points in the Dixit Disney edition?

Players then place a vote on the card they believe was the original card. Players aren’t allowed to vote for themselves.

Once all votes have been placed, the storyteller reveals the original card and counts the votes placed on their card.

  • If ALL of the players voted for the storyteller’s card or if NONE of the players voted for the storyteller’s card :  The storyteller scored 0 points, and the other players scored 2 points.
  • If SOME of the players voted for the storyteller’s card but not all of them: The storyteller scored 3 points, and the players that guessed correctly also scored 3 points. Other players score 0 points.
  • ADDITIONAL POINT – when players (who aren’t the storyteller) receive votes, they score 1 point.

Once all points have been calculated, the next person becomes the new storyteller, and the round starts anew. The first player to reach 30 points wins the game!

The Dixit Disney edition is the most highly anticipated board game of 2023 and is expected to be the best gift for families, casual board gamers, and Disney lovers this Christmas! Buy your copy today here! For more board game ideas, click here! Or visit us in-store at any of our 23 physical locations!