Best Drinking Games – Top 3 Drinking Games to play at a party!

We’ve ranked our best selling drinking games for the year 2020 because we know Australia is itching for a drink! These top 3 games have been judged by how fun, how easy it is to pick up and play and how responsibly intoxicated you and your friends will get!

These games are for adults only!! Anyone under the age of 18 should turn their screens off and go play outside. Also, Games Would encourages everyone to drink responsibly!

So howdy howdy, let’s get rowdy! These are your top 3 drinking games you should play at your next party! Why? because no one ever says ” remember the night we had that good tzatziki dip?”

Slurred – The A to Z Drinking Game


At number 3, Slurred – The A to Z Drinking Game is easy to pick up and comes with 4 shot glasses! Talk about good value and good times! Players take turns to spin the spinner which will land on a topic, lets say it lands on ‘ Things you find on your body’.

The game can start there! Each player can go around the circle each naming something found on the body. Answers can’t be repeated and you can only answer within 5 seconds. Stumble? Answered wrongly? Took too long? That’s a shot!

Too easy you say? There’s also letters on the spinning board – spin it and whatever letter it lands on is what the answer has to start with! First person to shout out the answer, is safe – everyone else? shot! As the night gets on, everyone is bound to slur their answers or shout answers that doesn’t even make sense…brilliant!

Buzzed – Drinking Game


Another simple and quick game to play at your next party is Buzzed! In Buzzed you are given scenarios on the card, if that card describes anyone, they got to drink! The best part about this drinking game is they’re suited for all gatherings and people, so chances are everyone is bound to have had a few drinks by the end of the night! This game is hilarious and fun and as the night goes on, the whole party is bound to be yelling, laughing and turning on each other. Who would pass on the opportunity to dob on their friends and get them to drink!

“Whose dad is the hottest? (better hope it’s not yours)

“Whose leeching off someones Netflix account?” (i know i’m guilty)

These Cards Will Get You Drunk – Drinking Game


The newest drinking game to grace our stores, ‘ These Cards Will Get You Drunk‘ is the most asked for drinking game of 2020!

This game is more engaging than the others on the list and has a strategic element to it! Players draws a card; it could be an action card, a questionnaire or a strategic card that you can use later!

Maybe everyone has to take turns stacking their shoes on top of another – who ever topples the pile has to drink!

Maybe you draw a card and have to do a shoey? (Don’t know what that is, you might never want to)

Or Maybe you draw a card that can be used for later… at the right time… to the right victim…

Add ‘These Cards Will Get You Drunk Too‘ which is their expansion pack to expand on the fun and keep the night long and hilarious.

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