Wordle Board Game Is Coming To Games World

Wordle The Party Game Set To Arrive To Australia Late 2022

The game that made headlines all over the globe during people’s Covid isolation; Wordle is set to make an appearance at your next games night in October, 2022 but now in a board game form!

During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, people all over the world were on the hunt for new ways to pass the time. First, Games World saw a MASSIVE increase in customers looking for jigsaw puzzles in early 2020, when the then Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison suggested staying home with a nice puzzle and a glass of wine.

By 2021, it was a spike in our escape room range (the irony, right?).

Then Wordle came along, a web based browser game that was accessible on smart phones and computers which kept the world entertained daily.

Wait, What is Wordle?

Wordle is a web based game developed by a Software Engineer, Josh WARDLE who created the game for his wife to pass the time, he unknowingly created such an addictive game that was then bought by The New York Times in 2022 for US$3 Million dollars!

The premise is simple, each day there is a five letter word to guess. Players must guess a random 5 letter word for their first try. Every letter guessed correctly will be allocated a colour.

Green – meaning the letter is in the correct spot.

Yellow – meaning the letter is correct but in the incorrect spot.

Players only get six tries within a given day, the helped the game gain popularity, as people would share on the social media whenever they guessed the Wordle of the day, thus bragging and challenging others to try.

Wordle Game won in 3 tries!

Wordle Board Game created by Hasbro Gaming Coming Soon!

Wordle Board Game is set to arrive to Australia in October, 2022 after Hasbro Games adopted it but we suspect it could arrive a little later than that due to logistics (make sure you sign up to our newsletter and follow our socials for updates) Games World has placed their orders in and we can not wait to stock it on our shelves. Believe us, this game is incredibly addictive and will make a great addition to games night now that the game has evolved to involve more than one player!

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