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What The Cup!? is a game of luck and lies where you must do whatever it takes to end up with the highest or lowest value die.

Sabotage your opponents by changing the winning target, or follow card directives to spy, swap, re-roll, or reveal dice.

Bet your chips to raise the stakes and bluff your way to victory. Does your cup hold the winner?

In What The Cup!?, Each player shakes their cup with d12, peeking at the die value. Play starts with drawing a card from the pile – the player can take the action on the card (Spy, Swap, Re-roll, Reveal) or choose to flip the High/Low token.

Play continues around the table until the end-round card appears from the draw pile – the player with either the highest or lowest dice value (based on the token) wins the round!

The die don’t lie… but YOU can try!