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The Tractor Wins

Assemble me. Be proud of me!

There’s strong, and then there’s farmer strong. Celebrate the strength and courage of the Ukrainian farmer with The Tractor Wins model from Ugears. In the early days of russia’s February 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine, photographs and video began to circulate on the web of Ukrainian farmers towing russian tanks, trucks and personnel carriers with their tractors. Some of the armored vehicles had been destroyed or damaged by Ukraine’s armed forces, but in other cases they had simply run out of gas or been abandoned by conscripts whose hearts weren’t in the fight. The brave Ukrainian farmers, helping to defend their homeland, spirited away fully operational, high-grade military equipment from the invading army to give to their own armed forces. The images of this strange, courageous, and humorous harvest exploded on news sites around the world, becoming a meme and an enduring image of the war.

Now you can honor the heroism of these farmers with The Tractor Wins model from Ugears. The model is a two-in-one: a strong, spring-driven wooden tractor, with signature Ugears elegant design and mechanics, and a folding paper tank that can be towed behind the tractor with a tow line. This handsome, powerful tractor is the successor of our original, vintage tractor model (https://ugearsmodels.com/tractor.html) and a companion piece, or “big brother” of our Brave UA Tractor mini-model from the “Age of Bravery” series, celebrating Ukrainian defenders throughout history and highlighting some of the standout episodes and stories of the current war.

The wooden Tractor’s spring is wound using a key on the underside. A lever in the tractor cab serves as a start/stop switch. When the lever is lowered the force of the spring is transmitted to the rubberized wheels through the gear system, which includes a pendulum to regulate speed. The rear wheels of the Tractor have an overrunning clutch that allows for tighter turns. The Tractor’s hatch, doors, and hood can all be opened, while the steering angle of the wheels can be changed by turning them manually. Laser-engraved design features include cool tire sidewall markings and a trident on the Tractor’s flag, a symbol of Ukraine’s strength, freedom and indomitable spirit, as seen on the Ukrainian coat of arms.

As for the cardboard tank, this can be folded and assembled quite easily, without glue. One advantage of the flimsy material (a first in our collection) used for the tank is you can poke holes or damage your tank in any way you see fit. You can also color your Tractor and tank in colors of your choosing.

The Tractor Wins model kit has 272 parts, including wooden Tractor pieces, cardboard tank pieces, and tow string. Everything you need for assembly comes right in the kit. As with all Ugears DIY models and 3D puzzles you won’t need glue or special tools, just assemble the pieces following our illustrated step-by-step instructions in 11 languages (English, Ukrainian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean). The Tractor Wins is an Intermediate level model, so good for those with a bit of modeling experience, and promises approximately 7 hours of enjoyable assembly time. You’ll have many more hours of enjoyable playtime as you reenact for your friends and family, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or neighborhood children, the story of brave Ukrainian farmers getting the better of a superpower’s professional military.

We hope that The Tractor Wins model serves as an inspiration, and a reminder that everyone can be strong, everyone can be brave and stand up to a bully, it just takes heart. In the fight for Ukrainian independence, it’s not just professional soldiers but the entire Ukrainian people who have bravely stood against the foe. Do you know anyone who is going through a major life challenge, or a difficult time? Why not send them a kit or a completed model you built yourself of The Tractor Wins, with the message, “Be brave!” or “You got this!”