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Players: 2 Players
Ages: Age: 8+
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The original capture the flag game, launched in 1958. This classic strategy game is set in the war between Bluecoats – with Lieutenant Jacques Cavalier at the helm against the Redcoats.

The original game of capturing the flag.

Over and over again, Lieutenant Jacques Cavallier’s troops try to capture the Redcoats flag. The Bluecoats’ army has suffered heavy losses, but their troops are not giving up. Are you ready to lead the lieutenant and his men to victory? It won’t be easy, as the Redcoats also have a brilliant strategist on their side to lead them into battle.

A classic strategy in battle.

Before the battle begins, decide which secret formation you will use to lead your troops to victory and capture the enemy flag. The ranks of the pieces played will determine who wins each match and who must leave the battlefield.

  • All new pawns with no stickers to apply!
  • The classic game of battlefield strategy-withh updated artwork!
  • It’s a light strategy game for two players.
  • Command your Army, devise plans using strategic attack and clever deception!
  • Be the first player to capture the other Army’s flag to win!