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Space Checkers is an easy to learn game that balances skill and chance, making it fun for both experienced players and beginners. Players are asked to take part in a space showdown to decide which race will win the rights to rule Earth.They choose to be one of the four races battling for supremacy of planet Earth, the Ixithian Empire, the Kanaloan Empire, the Mechanoid Empire and The Formic Commune.

The object of the game is to capture enemy pawns. Players capture other players pawns by jumping over them, the same as they would in traditional checkers. Capture pawns are thrown into prison cells. The first player to capture any 10 enemy pawns wins the game. Players each use their fleet of 12 flying saucer pawns to capture other pawns. They must also try to protect their fleet from being captured by enemy forces.

Some of the features that make Space Checkers a unique strategy game include

A direction die that determines the directiona player must move on their turn.
Wild spaces and wild rolls that allow a player to move in any direction they choose.
The ability of a player to warp a pawn from one side of the board to the opposite side.

Space Checkers id poised to become a new family favourite.