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A nicely made, affordable Crokinole board from German manufacturer, Philos. Designed in the traditional Octagonal way, the board plays nicely and is robustly constructed from Pine and Schima wood with an MDF core for stability.

The Pine wood playing surface is smooth and expertly finished, allowing the wooden discs to slide satisfyingly. Although the board is not full size, it still offers a decent playing area that gives an excellent introduction to this wonderful traditional table-top game. The board is light-weight, allowing for simple transportation and storage. If you are working to a budget, have limited space or would just like to get a good experience of the game without buying a full size board, this a terrific way to do it.

Included with the board is a full set of wooden playing pieces in contrasting dark and natural wood colours. Crokinole is played with 12 discs of each colour but a couple of spares are also included. We recommend that Gliss powder is used with this board in order to achieve the correct level of frictionliess sliding.

A rules booklet is also supplied.