CATEGORY: Board Games, Family Games, STEM
Players: 2-4 Players
Ages: Age: 8+
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The game transfers Ligretto’s idea of simultaneous play to a simple dice game.

Würfel-Ligretto consists of 24 dice in four colors (6 each in red, yellow, green and blue), 4 dice cups, a cloth bag and a game board to place the dice on (with a column in each colour and rows numbered from 1 to 6).

At the beginning of each round, the players draw an equal number of dice from the cloth bag depending on the number of players.

Then they roll their dice simultaneously and try to place their dice on the placement board as fast as possible. Of course, dice may only be placed in the column of the corresponding color and they have to be placed in ascending order (e.g. the 3 may only be placed when the 1 and 2 are already in place). At any time, a player may reroll ALL his unplaced dice.

As soon as one player gets rid of all his dice, play stops. For each of his unplaced dice, each player gets minus one point. In addition, the player who finished first positively scores the sum of all unplaced dice. The game is played in several rounds.