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Hanayama Difficulty Level 1 – Beginner

This diamond consists of two pieces. They are assembled in a square shape NOT a diamond shape. Taking them apart is easy. But putting them back together so they make the pointy diamond shape really takes some thought.

This diamond may not be forever, but discovering its secrets will certainly keep a puzzler busy for a very long time!

Hanayama has difficulty levels from 1 to 6 and they have Mensa-rated all their puzzles. Level 1 puzzles are considered easy by many puzzlers but then again the easiest puzzles can sometimes be the most entertaining at a gathering with friends and this one’s a great example of that.

Puzzle size: 50mm x 35mm x 12mm
Hanayama puzzles come packaged with a printed solution. Not offered as standard by other sellers.

The puzzle now comes in the new Hanayama Huzzle packaging graded by colour. Silver is for beginners but be very careful not to underestimate the enjoyment in solving puzzles on this level. Box size: 75mm x 115mm x 45mm.

The new Hanayama Huzzle range provides puzzles for adults which are solved using a blend of inspiration and logic. The challenge is to take the puzzle apart and put it back together. Simple, yet so deep. You will need your hands and your brain on board to solve the Huzzle puzzles! Happy Puzzling.