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Age: 18+

Players: 3 – 10

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Hilarious and brutal adult party game for finding out what your friends really think about you!

Playing Bad People may cause laughter, tears and irreparable damage to friendships and egos.

Example Questions:

Most likely to secretly run a meth lab?

Most likely to rat me out if they were under pressure from the cops?

If we were all hitchhikers, who would be the last person to get picked up?

Most likely to sleep with their cousin?

Who would be the most successful serial killer?

Plus… many savage questions that we can’t even write in the description 😉

What Players Are Saying:

”More brutal than Cards Against Humanity”

”Best party game ever”

”Best drinking game I’ve ever played……hilarious”


Each round, one person reads the question card out loud to everyone playing. All players then vote for which player is best described by the question.

The object of each round is to cast your vote for you think the question card reader will vote for, and not necessarily who you would personally choose.

You get 1 point each time you’re correct and there’s also an awesome double down card if you’re really confident about your vote! The first to 7 points wins!

Game Contents:

170 Question Cards
10 Player Identity Cards (for up to 10 players)
100 Voting Cards
10 Double Down Cards
1 Instruction Sheet
1 Scoring Pad
1 Pencil
3 Epic Game Variants

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