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Splendor Board Game – A must have for board game lovers!

Welcome to our first ‘Games World’s Game of the Month’ since we upgraded our website! For the month of June 2022 we are proud to highlight Splendor Board Game as our Game of the month and offer our customers a discounted price for a limited tine. Keep reading to take advantage of our new pricing!


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What is Splendor?

Splendor Board Game is an adult and family strategy card game with chip collecting mechanics. Simple gameplay makes Splendor an easy game to pick up and learn but strategic move making makes it a great game for all ages! Created by Cowboy Toys and Asmodee.

How to play Splendor Board Game:

As a gem merchant, your aim is to acquire gem mines, shops, or mode of transportations; these cards are known as development cards. The development cards will cost gems to initially acquire, but rewards the player with a gem they keep for the duration of the game, you’d want to collect these cards for when you want to make more purchases later in the game. Some development cards are more valuable than others because they give that player prestige. Players with the most prestige points at the end of the game, wins!

There are also cards known as noble cards. Noble cards costs a lot of gems but gives the player more prestige points. Once you have enough coins to attract a noble, you must purchase that noble! If you attract more than one noble, you can pick which of the noble cards you’d want to keep.

Here are the steps players can take in each turn:

  1. Players can collect gems, by either (1) collecting three different gems or (2) collecting two of the same gems ONLY IF there is at least four of that particular gem within the pile. Important: Players can not have more than ten gem tokens in their possession. At the end of your turn if you have more than ten tokens, choose which of your tokens you’d like to discard.
  2. Players can purchase a development card. Players then pay the gems required and return the gems back into the collection pile. Important: Development cards can award the player with a particular gem they permanently keep and will not have to discard if they have ten or more gem tokens.
  3. Players can reserve  a development card they want to use later in the game (when they can afford to purchase it). This action is great if you know other players wants to purchase that development card when it is their turn.

Players average playtime minutes?

Splendor is a great quick and easy set up game that could take 30-45 minutes to win.

How many players can play Splendor?

Splendor can be played with 2-4 players.

Splendor board game review:

Almost instantly we were hooked on the strategy of trying to efficiently collect gems in the hopes of securing more lucrative rewards. You can see how you advance up the rarity, and how your early round actions build up your ability to play in the late game. Artwork is great and immersive while the poker chip tokens that represent the gems have a good heft to them, allowing you to spin, flip, and generally play with them like the avaricious jewel merchant you are!
Bought one for myself and bought another for a friend. The game is a fun strategy type game, but it is simple and easy to teach and play (which is important to me). I was happy with the packaging and condition of the game when it arrived. The images and clear and easy to read, instructions are simple. Overall, the game is awesome!