Child Prodigy’s Finger Broken By Chess Playing Robot

Humanity should’ve foreseen this!

During a chess tournament in Moscow, Russia, a chess-playing robot latched onto it’s 7 year old opponent’s finger and broke it.

The footage captured shows the robot grabbing onto the boy’s finger as he is seen squirming. Several adults were to come to the boy’s rescue but only after several seconds later were the child prodigy’s fingers freed by the grasp of his mechanical opponent.

The boy reportedly named Kristofer is a rising star in the world of chess and is considered to be one of the strongest players in the city of Moscow under the age of 9.

All this occurred on July 19th, 2022 at the Moscow Chess Open.

Video retrieved from Youtube;

What does Sergey Smagin, Vice President of the Russian Chess Federation have to say about it?

There are certain safety rules and the child, apparently, violated them. When he made his move, he did not realise he first had to wait”

Bit of a rough statement, Sergey Smagin… but what does Sergey Lazarev, PRESIDENT of the Moscow Chess Federation have to say about it?

The robot broke the child’s finger, this is of course bad”

Ah! Of Course! Thanks for that input.

Kristofer came back the following day in a cast to complete the tournament, although he needed helpers to make his moves for him.

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