The Fun Drinking Game Australian’s Are Loving!

Firstly Games World was hit with an influx of demand for jigsaw puzzles (thanks scomo!) but now we are seeing a rise in party drinking games and luckily we’ve got just the game for you Australia!

Whats The Drinking Game?

These Cards Will Get You Drunk‘ and ‘These Cards Will Get You Drunk Too‘ is the newest drinking games to be stocked at Games World! Its simple to play and doesn’t need any complicated explanations – making it the perfect game for any sized gathering at any stage of the night (or day, we don’t judge).

How do you Play?

Its a simple deck of cards and players take turns drawing from the top. Players then read aloud the instructions on the card and perform the actions, if they fail then they drink. The cards are categorized in 1 of 4 things; Fun, Vote, Strategy or Compete and gets everyone involved.

See below for examples!

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