Ages: 10+
Duration: 40 mins
Players: 2-4

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Category: FAMILY

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Scrabble – Prestige Edition is the premium version of Scrabble.

Raised Grid to hold tiles in place. When board gets nudged no need to put the tiles back in place!
Integrated turntable game board so that each player can see the board from the front when playing
Includes sand timer to keep the game moving if desired and scorebook with pencil.
Wooden tiles. Wooden racks. Embroidered pseudo-velvet cloth bag
Solid Mahogany finished wooden box
Much nicer than standard with rotating board, a raised grid to prevent tile movement, quality components and a wooden box.

The game board forms the lid of the wooden box that contains the pieces. The game is played with the board on the box which has a quality weighty feel to it and has the rotating turntable mounted on the underside. Thus, the board is effectively mounted on a turning podium which all serves to produce a highly satisfactory experience.

A game like this is so much nicer than the standard game, it is likely to be handed down the generations as an heirloom.

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