Age: 10+

Dimensions: 115 x 226 x 90 mm

SKU: 6946785130775

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Want a toy that will spark your child’s curiosity and offer endless hours of fun.The fun comes from not only the assembling, but also sound- control technology.It brings kids many happy and exciting moments.Some assembling need the help from parents, which can increase the interaction between children and parents.Children will be inspired and feel the love and care from parents.
Package Content:
1) Wooden Parts;
2) Plastic Parts;
3) Battery Box;
4) Motor;
5) Instruction of assemble process.
Natural wood, Safe and Nontoxic, No smell.No glue or tools required.
All the pieces are identified with letters and numbers that you match up while assembling it.
Please PROVIDE YOURSELF 3 BATTERIES-1.5V AAA LR03/AM4 for the 3d puzzles.Sound Control to Move and Roar-Clapping hands once, Move towards.Clapping hands twice, Turn right and roar.Clapping hands thrice, Turn left and roar.
This unfurnished part will take approximately 4 hour to assemble and finish.Step-by-step instructions with detailed drawings are included.

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