Ages: 5+

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  • Rebound brings game fun to the tabletop and adds angled banking action!
  • You and another player slide pucks down the table and try to land on the scoring pad, but you might have to knock each other’s pucks off the table to earn points!
  • Rebound is a game of angles, touch, and a little bit of luck
  • Simple clip-together construction
  • Easy-to-play game for kids of just about any age!
Do you like big crashing action and big fun? Now you can play on a tabletop with added banding and rebounding action! You and an opponent take turns sliding pucks down the game board to bounce off the bumpers as you try to land your pucks on the scoring area. And if your opponent’s puck is in your way, you might be able to knock it right off! It’s not all about force-you’ll need touch! Simple construction involves two pieces that clip together-then get ready for some puck crashing action. Keep track of your scores using the sliders along the sides of the table. A fun, competitive game for players of almost any age! Colors and decorations may vary.

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