Age: 12+

Pieces: 1000

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This 1000 piece panorama jigsaw puzzle shows another amazing photograph by Australian photographer, mark gray. This is in his native Australia at madilda bay on the Swan River in western Australia. The absolute calm of lingering Twilight is captured perfectly in this beautiful image. Mark gray is known for the amazing colors of his images and the patience he displays in capturing images at just the right time. The finished puzzle is really a work of art and was made into a panorama puzzle to show off the vastness and beauty of the landscape. This photograph makes a particularly beautiful puzzle to work with. The many shades of blue and gray make for a challenge of sorts but the landmarks of the dock and house, the shoreline in the middle of the image and the distinctive change in shading make this a puzzle worthy of framing. See the picture come together with the satisfying placement of each piece of the puzzle as if you were the artist creating the picture. The Clementoni high quality line of jigsaw puzzles are for those with a passion for details. They are made in Italy and feature high quality printing, precise fitting and rich materials Clementoni uses recycled materials and avoids using polluting components because of their dedicated commitment to the environment and pollution issues.

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