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The 1986 Wellington 500 race was another typical saloon car race – fast, unpredictable and hugely entertaining! This was the race that Australian legend Peter Brock teamed up with long time rival and friend Allan Moffat, debuting the awesome 4.9 litre VB Holden VK Commodore SS Group A.

The two most successful drivers in Australia had immediate success. The New Zealand weather was disruptive with the rain affecting the race, but not even the elements could stop the Brock/Moffat Commodore storming over the finishing line and taking victory.

For the second year, the Wellington 500 attracted a very strong field. The newly homologated Holden Commodore VKs of Brock/Moffat, Grice/Cameron, Hulme/Smith and Bowkett/Wilkinson were expected to take the race to the two TWR Rovers of Walkinshaw/Percy and Hahne/Dickson and the Volvo 240T of Francevic/Lindstrom.

From the start, on a dry track, the Francevic/Lindstrom Volvo took the lead. The Volvo would lead for the first 1/3rd of the race, chased by Brock’s Commodore. Then the weather arrived and the Holden Dealer Team gambled on intermediates, leaving Moffat struggling and falling down the field.

The rain had stopped by 2/3rd distance and on a drying track Brock took on the task of hauling in the leading BMW driven by Tony Longhurst, lapping some 2.5 seconds quicker than the BMW. However, Longhurst seemingly had it all under control until a suspension failure pitched the BMW into the wall with 10 laps to go.

This promoted Brock into the lead, ahead of Dick Johnson and Neville Crichton the Ford Mustang and Per-Gunnar Anderssonin the visiting Rockgas Volvo.

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