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Ages: 12+

Players: 2-4

SKU: 9339111010761
Categories: GAME, ADULT

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From the guys that brought you Boganology comes the first ever bogan drinking game that so much more than just another drinking game…

Every player starts the game with a clean driver licence, 12 points and a shot glass full of booze!

Players take turns to move around the game board visiting the local pubs, clubs and mates BBQ’s (and the bottle shop) whilst trying to avoid the Booze Bus that randomly moves around the game board popping up anywhere and at anytime.

Land on a PUB space the player must take a drink. Land on a CLUB space and all other players must drink. Land on a BBQ space and everyone must skull their drinks BUT if the BOOZE BUS land on you then you immediately lose 3 points from your licence!

Top up your glasses at the Bottle Shop and watch out for the POT LUCK cards that could help you out (do a runner from the cops), give you a bogan dare to do or just leave you up the creek with out a paddle in the game with more Aussie culture than an out of date yogurt.

The game is over as soon as a player loses their licence (or any player has a technicolor yawn).

  • 1 x Gameboard
  • 6 x Bogan Car Movers
  • 1 x Booze Bus
  • 54 x Pot Luck Cards
  • 6 x Sobriety Cards
  • 1 x Game Spinner
  • 1 x Score Pad
  • 6 x Shot Glasses
  • 1 x Rules

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