Magic The Gathering; Ikoria – Lair of the Behemoth For Sale, Australia

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What is Magic the Gathering; Ikoria – Lair of the Behemoth?

There’s Always a Bigger Monster

On the treacherous world of Ikoria, gargantuan beasts fight for survival while humans hide at the bottom of the food chain—forever in fear of the creatures beyond the walls and the human traitors known as “bonders” who believe the monsters misunderstood. Will you fight the behemoths at your door, or fight alongside them?

– Wizards of the Coast

Ikoria; Lair of Behemoth is the latest release of Magic the Gathering and hits shelves in Australia on May 15, 2020. A tabletop card game that requires adaptability, strategy and perfect execution. Players will be flocking to get their hands on the latest cards to optimise their decks.

Enjoy the newest cards to enhance your game play and strategy!

See examples below of new cards below:

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