How To Buy Biante Models In Australia

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for Australian car enthusiasts then look no further than Biante! If you’re a fan of classic Australian cars, New iconic Australian models from Ford or Holden or even just a fan of the Bathurst 1000, Biante would have the perfect diecast model to proudly place on display!

Where to buy Biante in Australia?

Holden HQ Sandman Triple 8s Limited Edition Redbull Livery in 1:18 scale.

Games World is on Biante’s stockist in Australia, so for every new releases be sure to check us out! Click here to check out Biante’s website for more details.

Our valued customers trusts us to have the latest in stock. As of this blog posts we just received the new 1:18 Holden HQ Sandman in Barbados Green as well as the Holden Sandman Triple 8’s!

How do I buy Biante?

To make sure you get your hands on it, subscribe to our email lists, follow our socials or pre-order them online or in-store.

Preordering is the perfect way to make sure you are the first know when they are available and you’ll be on top of the lists to purchase it. We can even hold them for you for in store for 1-2 days if you can’t pick them up right away!

How do I know they’re authentic?

Holden HQ Sandman in Barbados Green 1:18 scale.

Each Biante model will have an official certificate from Biante stating which number in production that specific model was.

As an example, Biante made 804 pieces of the Holden HQ Sandman in Barbados Green. The certificate in the box would state that that model was numbered ___ of 804 in circulation WORLDWIDE!

Can I quality check the Biante models?

We’d expect nothing less from collectors of Biante!

If you purchase them in-store:

  • We will open up the box right in front of you. If you aren’t happy with the model or if they have a small blemish on them, we won’t process the sale and we’d find you an immaculate version you’d be happy with, of course subject to availability as they are quite popular!

If you purchase them online:

  • We will e-mail you or message you pictures of the model before we send them out. Once agreed, we carefully repack, wrap it in bubble wrap and place it in a box that was made with custom dimensions that houses the package, ensuring it does not get damaged on its way to your door!

What Biante stock do you have?

All of our 20 stores in Australia displays Biante right at our window! What we specific models to we have in stock is a little more complicated. As Biante only creates a certain amount per release we may only be able to get our hands on a select few! Feel free to call our stores; Click here for the contact list of our stores or e-mail our head office for the specific model you’re looking for; [email protected].

Our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you!

Check out our Biante stocks online here!

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