Game of the Month – Queendomino




The aim of the game is to earn the highest amount of points by exploring and conquering new lands and terrains to build the best and wealthiest territories! Collect taxes for you lands with your knights but once they have been appointed to tax a certain territory they have to stay their for the duration of the game so the more knights you can aquire, the better! Can you build a better town than your opponents and get into the Queens’ good graces? Remember, each player is competing for the same limited tiles so be strategic with your choices!

So what if other people have more gold than you and you’re both eyeing off the same domino? You can bribe the new greedy dragon piece to burn down that that building! If you can’t have it why should anyone else?!

Queendomino is a standalone game but can also be played with the award winning Kingdomino for more options and terrains!

We rate this game