Game of the Month – Jaipur




Dive into the city of Jaipur, where the the markets is roaring with business and since you’re one of the top two traders in the city, business is good! But that’s not enough for you, is it? you want to crush your number one competitor in order to be honoured with an invitation to the palace. Mix business and pleasure and compete with a friend or a family member in this fun and exciting game. Can you be strategic and savvy enough to be the top trader in Jaipur?

To start off each payer has 5 cards, but as the game progresses players could have up to seven in their hand. Once it is your turn, you have to decide if you would like to sell some take all the camels, sell your goods or take more cards. Each action you take needs to be well thought out and strategic as their are only a limited amount of goods to be sold and it is in your best interest that it is you who gets to sell them!