Australia & Jigsaw Puzzles Fits Together; Top 3 Most Popular Jigsaw Puzzle As Voted By Our Customers.

Covid-19 has brought about some unexpected events. We always knew that jigsaw puzzles were one of Australia’s favourite pass time but we will admit we were very surprised (and a little caught off guard) the past few months!

We saw such a staggering increase in Australia’s demand for jigsaw puzzles sold from our online store, so much so that we invested in upgrading our inventory systems and logistic strategy to ensure that we can better serve our Australian jigsaw puzzle fans in the future!

If you ordered from us the past few weeks and saw a delay of your parcel, we apologise but we are so grateful for your support and understanding.

We have compiled a list of the top 3 jigsaws purchased by you, our loyal customers. If you’re looking for a new jigsaw to do and you need some inspiration, check out this list for some of the quality puzzles we sell online or in-store!

#3 – Pet Selfie 500 pieces by Anatolian

Pet Selfie by Anatolian

Love puzzles? love pets? Then you’d love this artwork of all your favourite pets posing for a picture. Prefer dinosaurs? or zoo animals? Maybe even Quokkas? we’ve got that too! Check it out here:

#2 – Santorini Lights 1000 pieces by Castorland

Santorini Lights 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle by Castorland

Castorland is a new brand to grace our inventory but they flew out our shelves! If you’re looking to purchase stunning jigsaws for under $30 then Castorland is a serious contender! Check out Castorlands range here:

#1 – Disney Mickey’s 90th Jigsaw Puzzle by Clementoni

Disney’s Mickey’s 90th by Clementoni

Clementoni is a well known brand for jigsaw connoisseurs and if you have ever purchased one, you would understand why. Their clean precision cut premium pieces is guarantee to satisfy when you click the pieces together and Now that they have teamed up with Disney, Marvel and famous artists and photographers around the world you are bound to find a puzzle to fall in love with. Want this jigsaw? Click here!