A Parents Guide To Pokemon Cards; Your Child’s First Investment.

Pokemon cards are a great gift for fans of the series and we are constantly stocking our shelves with the newest releases. Too often we get parents or family members looking to buy some as presents but just don’t understand them. ” What’s the craze?”, ” What’s the difference between decks and this booster pack?”, ” Do I want Magic the Gathering instead?”.

So to celebrate the release of the new Pokemon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash, we thought we’d give you a basic guide to the world of Pokemon Trading Cards.

What is Pokemon TCG?

Pokemon came out in 1995! Initially started out as a game on the GameBoy called ‘Pokemon Red’ or the slight variation ‘Pokemon Blue’, it eventually progressed to being an animated series and then a trading card game (that’s what TCG stands for). The Pokemon animated series follows a young protagonist named Ash who, at the age of 10, set out into the world to catch and collect Pokemon, which are essentially monsters with abilities. In fact, the name Pokemon is just the words ‘Pocket” and “Monsters’ combined.

Ash Ketchum & Pikachu

The Pokemon Trading Card game was created in 1996 and amassed a cult following with fans young and old. The TCG follows the premise of the show, the aim is to collect, battle and trade Pokemon cards and you never know if the Pokemon you need or want is in the pack you bought. The joy of unboxing decks to discover which cards they receive is a popular category on YouTube with millions viewing the videos (Search ” Pokemon Cards Unboxing” on YouTube to see the excitement these cards can bring).

When buying Pokemon Trading Cards you are usually enjoying the products for 1 of 3 reasons:

1. Pokemon TCG Collectors; Why Collect Pokemon Cards?

Your child might be a young collector and they share a common taste with hundreds of thousands all over the world! So, how popular are the Pokemon trading cards? Well, as of 2019, 20.8 BILLION cards have been sold!

So then, whats the big craze you ask? Originally in the old ‘Pokemon Red’, ‘Pokemon Blue’ games and the animated series there were only 150 Pokemons for the protagonist, Ash to catch – a challenging task within the games and a lengthy adventure for the animated series spanning numerous seasons but a somewhat achievable task for collectors of the trading card game. Once all 150 Pokemon cards were found, the collectors had obvious bragging rights and could even sell their collection for a healthy profit (more on this at point #3), so the the show runners decided to create more Pokemon to collect, making it more challenging for fans. Clever right?

“… As of 2019, 20.8 BILLION cards has been sold.”

2. Pokemon TCG – Players

Remember when we mentioned that there’s a battle component? Well each card contains a Pokemon with specific abilities, strengths and weaknesses. A battles usually contains a 1 vs 1 scenario where each player chooses a line up of 6 Pokemon to battle their opponent’s 6 Pokemon. Each card has an advantage over others; Opponent has a Fire type Pokemon? Attack it with a Water type. They play a Steel type? Use your Rock type Pokemon against it! Its a battle of the elements with a fun way to incorporate maths and strategic thinking!

Battling players can also be a lucrative way to make back the money you spent on collecting them. Before we explain how lucrative, we currently have a sale of the new released Pokemon Sword and Shield; Rebel Clash! Be sure to check out our special price.

Don’t pay $199.95 for 360 cards, we’re selling the Pokemon Sword and Shield booster box for $180!

Don’t pay $8.00 for a Pokemon Sword and Shield booster pack of 6 cards, get them for $6.00!

So, how can battling others be a lucrative hobby? There are official Pokemon TCG tournaments played through out the world! Players enter the tournament and once placed within the top 32 is when you start seeing a decent return upwards of $1,500 with the first placed winners receiving a cash prize of $25,000!

“First Place winners receiving a cash prize of $25,000!”

But in saying all that,Pokemon Trading Cards can bring you even more cash! Check out our next point!

Example of a Full Art Pokemon Trading Card

#3 Selling Pokemon Cards

Previously we mentioned how some cards came shinier that others? Well, those cards a rare but don’t be disheartened, they are more common than you may think. See the gallery of cards that may be in your house right now!

Full Art EX:

Pokemon Trading cards are presented in a certain format, a small frame with the Pokemon inside and the rest of the cards are texts. However, if you ever come across a full length illustrated Pokemon card with no frame ( like the card pictured above), you could probably bring in a healthy $40 for just that one card! Bonus points if its holographic or shiny!

Holographic Shadowless First Edition Mewtwo:

Mewtwo is a self-aware Pokemon, genetically created in a lab. One of the more powerful in Pokemon in existence, Mewtwo questions the relationship between Pokemon and their ‘masters’ and carries an obsession of breaking the chains of Pokemon oppression.. deep right? Well this rare card of Mewtwo can sell for ~$1500!

Holographic Shadowless First Edition Charizard

This card of Charizard, one of the original 150 Pokemon and a fan favourite! In the animated series, Charizard is immensely stubborn and rarely applies itself. The only way to get Charizard to engage in a battle is if his opponent is more popular than he is, that really gets him going! If you have this card like the one pictured right, you could be sitting on $12,000!

Where to buy Pokemon cards in Australia?

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