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This simple, easy-to-play game offers players practice with simple addition - and self-control! Players are all “gophers,” and they are stockpiling food for the winter. The goal is for each player to collect six carrots, six nuts, or six apples and store them in the gopher hole. When a player holds exactly six of some food, they receive a “Gopher Trophy.” But… you can‘t go over six, or you have to put all your food back! At the beginning of the game the 39 Food Cards are all flipped upside-down, and shuffled into a heap. The youngest player begins, and play moves clockwise. During a player‘s turn they pick any card from the “garden” and flip it over. You are allowed to flip over a maximum of four cards, but there are some rules. After flipping up a card, you are not allowed to flip up another card with the same type of food. If you do, you have to put the cards back and your turn is over. For example, say you flip over a card with two apples. If the next card you flip up shows apples as well, you have to put them back and play moves to the next player. The trick is knowing where the discarded cards are - and knowing when to stop! You want to end your turn while you have several amounts of different types of food in your hole and continue next turn to try and collect up to six of one. The player who collects three Gopher Trophies first wins. All in all, the game moves pretty fast, and there‘s a lot of laughs after you realize you‘ve been “greedy” and pushed your luck too far!